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Kennel Vom Sanften Loewen - "The Gentle Lion"

We are excited to announce upcoming dual sired litter

Tori bred to Gully and Sam

Lacey bred to Sam

Lacey (l) Tori (r)


 Desperado's Journey Into The Storm aka Gully and Desperado's Just A Fireball aka Sam



Gully & Tori





Mary Ann Ruggiero-Smith  208 553 9234

The health and well-being of our dogs are of paramount importance to us. Great care is taken that each Leonberger puppy receives the best veterinary care available. With your new Leonberger puppy comes a certificate of health. His or her first vaccination, de-worming, and tattooing are all completed before they are placed with their new families.

It is of utmost importance to us that our Leonberger puppies be placed only in loving homes that share our devotion to these amazing canine companions.

As of this time all my dogs have tested Clear for the LPN1 .
And I will promise all my future puppy owners I will never breed to a dog that is anything but clear.

Click Here for
Information on Leonberger Polyneuropathy

Contact us at:
2599 Lake View Rd.
Orofino, Id. 83544

Ode to Ollie’s Breeder
You were the first to touch him
The first to hold him close
The first to feel his beating heart
He’ll always love you most

I look deep into his eyes
I see a glimpse of you
From the first time that I held him
I saw your love shine through

It took such a leap of faith
For you to let him go
I vow to do the best I can
To help him thrive and grow

I can never repay you
For all that you have done
No words, nor money nor labor
No present under the sun

He is the best of treasures
From his nose to his tail
He spreads happiness in our home
You really chose him well

Oh, how I love this puppy
He gives me so much joy
He brightens up a ho-hum day
He’s such a special boy

No matter how I love him
No matter what I do
I might be a close second but-
His first true love is you.

Vonnie Matheny 1/6/12

Leonberger breeder with fantastic Leonberger puppies for sale

Got Milk?


Click HERE for photos of the famous "Super 18".

"We give dogs time we can spare, space we can spare and love we can spare.
And in return, dogs give us their all. It's the best deal man has ever made"-M. Facklam

Leonberger Dog Breeders...See our Leonberger Puppies
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Leonberger Dog Breeders...See our Leonberger Puppies
Contact us at:
2599 Lake View Rd.
Orofino, Id. 83544

Mary Ann Ruggiero-Smith Breeder of Merit 10/2012